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Mini Sessions

Private Antenatal Consultation  - £75 per hr

Private Antenatal Consultation

Sessions via Zoom 

For those looking for some extra support and guidance.  Focusing on whatever your needs are during pregnancy and in the lead up to your birth.  You will be sent a form to complete on booking so that the session is tailored to you.  I will also be available to provide virtual Whatsapp support during our time working together.

Postnatal Planning Sessions

Private Postnatal Planning 

1 x 2.5hrs £120 online; £145 in person  OR 
2 x 2.5hrs (1 in person 1 via zoom) £250

Often time is focused on pregnancy and preparing for childbirth and little time is spent preparing for the postnatal period, despite this being the biggest adjustment after childbirth.


This session provides space to  actively think about the postnatal period, covering topics such as womb to world, changes in relationship dynamics, what to expect in the first days - weeks, self care, nutrition as well as practical things to consider.  By the end of the session you shouls have enough resources and guidance to help you establish a postpartum plan that will work best for you and your family.  

Discussion Topics
  • What to expect physically, emotionally & mentally

  • Hormones & Emotions

  • Physical changes and recovery

  • Changes in Relationship dynamics

  • Parenting in partnership

  • Sleep and rest

  • Debriefing the birth 

  • Baby blues & mental 

  • Postnatal diets, exercise and health

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