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Birthing in Faith: 
Christian Hypnobirthing

Faith is so important when it comes to childbirth and is an essential tool to overcome fear and have confidence in God's design and assurance that he is with you always on this journey. 

" I was fortunate enough to take part in the Christian hypnobirthing course online over 4 weeks. This course was essential as it really helped me feel more confident, physically and mentally more prepared for my pregnancy journey. 


Yvonne provided really helpful information for both the pregnancy itself and post-partum Care. I felt well supported through the whole process which made this journey more relaxed, comfortable and feeling more empowered.


In each session we covered subjects from Different stages of labour, breathing techniques to Birth Plans and Self Advocacy in treatment. Although we sometimes covered a lot in some sessions we would finish with an uplifting prayer which bought a peaceful end.


As a first time mum I’ve been able to walk away from this course with plenty of resources that myself and my partner can use regularly. I now feel very prepared for all that is to come.


I am so grateful and thankful for the Abiyamo Christian Hypnobirthing course, I highly recommend this course!"

Josie,  London

LW,  London

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