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Antenatal Birth Preparation  Courses

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Private Full Birth Prep Course


  • 3-4 sessions (8-10hrs)

  • 1 hour refresher session closer to birthing time

  • My private course can be held at your house or online or a combination of the two. We can fit it to work to your schedule.

Group Online Course

No classes available till summer 2023


  • 4 x2.5hr sessions 

 A four week, full antenatal and hypnobirthing course


+ optional session discussing issues relating to black/brown women & birthing people

  • In person social meetup at the end of the course

Private Essentials/Refresher


  • 1 x2.5hr sessions 


For those who do not have time to complete the full course OR those who have completed a course before but want a refresher as you prepare for your next birth.

The course will cover:


  • The physiology of birth and how it works including the stages of labour

  • The Science behind Hypnobirthing & the mind-body connection

  • Tools & techniques to help during labour 

  • How to navigate your maternity care & your birth rights

  • How to create your birth plans 

  • The vital role of the birth partner

  • Birth Positions

  • Different birth pathways - induction and caesareans

  • Postnatal planning and so much more


​You will also receive:

  • Ongoing contact via email phone and WhatsApp until the end of the fourth trimester

  • Course guide / hand-outs, packed full of helpful resources including birth preferences template, hospital bag lists, birthing postures and movements

  • Access to my extensive library of books 

  • Positive Birth Affirmations MP3 and affirmation cards

  • Guided Relaxation MP3s (including birth preparation, resource building and fear releasing)

  • Access to The Birth Uprising pre-recorded online hypnobirthing course (RRP £45)

  • ​Discounts off my doula support services (birth and postnatal)

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