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Antenatal Birth Preparation  Courses

All Courses

Private Full Birth Prep Course


  • 3-4 sessions (8-10hrs)

  • 1 hour refresher session closer to birthing time

  • My private course can be held at your house or online or a combination of the two. We can fit it to work to your schedule.

Birthing with Faith

Christian Hypnobirthing (Live online Group Course)


  • 4 week online course

A fully comprehensive hypnobirthing course underpinned with faith filled scriptures, prayers and devotions

Course dates and book here

Private Essentials/Refresher


  • 1 x2.5hr sessions 


For those who do not have time to complete the full course or still feel unprepared if you have completed a course elsewhere

OR those who have completed a course before but want a refresher as you prepare for your next birth.

Caesarean Birth prep



Coming soon

  • 1 x2.5hr session


A safe space for you  to prepare for a caesarean birth.

Helping you to understand the process and providing tools to make informed decisions about choices for yourself and baby during and after birth

The FULL course will cover:


  • The physiology of birth and how it works including the stages of labour

  • The Science behind Hypnobirthing & the mind-body connection

  • Tools & techniques to help during labour 

  • How to navigate your maternity care & your birth rights

  • How to create your birth plans 

  • The vital role of the birth partner

  • Birth Positions

  • Different birth pathways - induction and caesareans

  • Postnatal planning and so much more


​You will also receive:

  • Ongoing contact via email phone and WhatsApp until the end of the fourth trimester

  • Course guide / hand-outs, packed full of helpful resources including birth preferences template, hospital bag lists, birthing postures and movements

  • Access to my extensive library of books 

  • Positive Birth Affirmations MP3 and affirmation cards

  • Guided Relaxation MP3s (including birth preparation, resource building and fear releasing)

  • Access to The Birth Uprising pre-recorded online hypnobirthing course (RRP £55)

  • ​Discounts off my doula support services (birth and postnatal)

Course Outline
  • What is Hypnobirthing?
    Though you may think differently from the name, hypnobirthing has nothing to do with me hypnotising you. It's about reframing your mindset about birth. It's a fully comprehensive birth preparation course. It's all about getting informed, building your confidence and giving you all the tools so you feel empowered.
  • Can my birth partner come too?
    I would highly recommend that if you do have a birth partner to encourage to come along(if not drag them along). It is highly beneficial to you and also them if they have an understanding of what is involved - the theory as well as the practical skills
  • When should I start the course?
    People usually start the course from anytime after their 12 week scan. I recommend starting the course somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks, to allow enough time for preparing the mind and practicing techniques. The more time you have to put the techniques into practice the better. Having said this hypnobirthing is still of benefit and will have a positive even if you are in the final weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Why Abiyamo Hypnobirthing?
    My approach to the course is person centred. I have no agenda, I hope that on completing my course you will feel confident and have a positive mindset about your forthcoming birth. As a doula as well as a hypnobirthing teacher I hope to integrate some of the my insight from being present at births to equip you. In addition I offer the option of an additional session discussing the issues that may arise for black/brown women and birthing people as they navigate the health system.
  • How long is the course?
    Group course - 10hrs: 4 x 2.5hr sessions Private course - 8-9hrs : In the comfort of your own home, hours split flexibly between 3 -4 sessions.
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