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What can I offer as a Doula? 

As a doula I trust and understand the physiological process of childbirth and respect the psychological and social impact a birth experience has on the whole family.  I provide practical, emotional and informational support.  I am your advocate when necessary and ensure that you understand your birth rights when if comes to your choices.

I do not give medical advice, or carry out clinical examinations.

 I  work together with you to attain a safe, calm and positive birthing experience.  I remain by your  side throughout your labour and birth.  I am committed to holding space for you, helping you to trust in your body, and making sure you are equipped with the information you need to make informed decisions.  I am here to support you in a non-judgemental way through pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally

Clinical research has shown that when a Doula is present at birth you are:

  • More likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • More likely to have a shorter labour

  • More likely to be successful with breastfeeding

  • Less likely to give birth by Caesarean section

  • Less likely to give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps

  • Less likely to need pain medication including epidurals

Birth Doula

Doula Services

Initial Meeting

First meeting is free of charge. This is an opportunity  to get  to know each other and discuss my package in more detail.


On -call 24/7 from 10 days before estimated due date - birth

 Attendance and support during the birth. Ready to be present as soon as you need me, no matter what stage of labour.


Here we explore your options and preferences. Topics covered may include birth physiology, stages of labour, how hormones work and breastfeeding depending on your need.


Opportunity to talk about your birth experience and also raise any concerns

Premium Hypnobirthing Package


* I  also offer tailored made packages to meet the varying needs of individual clients 

  • 2x 2hr Antenatal sessions

  • 2hr Breastfeeding & postnatal preparation session

  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy until 6 weeks after birth

  • On-call from 10 days before estimated due date with unlimited phone and text support

  • Birth attendance

  • Aromatherapy support for childbirth

  • 1 x 2hr Postnatal visit

  • Access to borrow books from my  resource library

  • Use of TENS machine (if available)

  • Birth Pool Hire

Night Doula
Postnatal Doula
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